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Our mission is to build self confidence & strengthen life decision making skills through mathematical application. We equip our scholars with the resources to excel in day to day practicum & standardized test settings.

One-On-One Tutoring


Precision and Professionalism – We pride ourselves providing quality service to our scholars and affiliates while producing increased results & customer satisfaction.

Community Engagement –we serve all by serving those in our communities first then by sharing what we've learned with the masses.

Understanding -  We begin by presuming the goodwill of others. We seek first to hear, not tell. To empathize, not criticize. To know before we do.

Respect -  by treating students with compassion and dignity, celebrating our diversity and encouraging trusting relationships

Integrity - by working each day guided by standards of

excellence to meet the needs of our students and the missions of the Golson Math Academy's founder and staff.


Our vision is to close interaction gaps between educator & scholar by way of  increased academic performance through confidence building and practical application while strengthening decision making skills. 

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